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1. Bertrando de Mignanelli (fl.1370-1416). "Tarjamat Maqāl Dī Mījnānillī ʿan Ḥayāt Taymūrlank Vita Tamerlani. " Translated by Aḥmad ʿAbd al-Karīm Sulaymān. In Taymūrlank wa-Dawlat al-Mamālīk al-Jarākisah, maʿ Tarjamat Maqāl al-Kātib al-Lātīnī Dī Mījnānillī ʿan Ḥayāt Taymūrlank. 47 pp.. Cairo: Dār al-Nahḍah al-ʿArabīyah, 1985.
Uniform Title: Vita Tamerlani
Subjects: Travels/Historiography/Individuals--Timur
2. Bertrando de Mignanelli (fl.1370-1416). "A New Latin Source on Tamerlane's Conquest of Damascus (1400/1401) (B. de Mignanelli's 'Vita Tamerlani' 1416). " Oriens 9, (1956): 201-232.
Notes: Translated from the Latin by Walter J. Fischel. Other title: Ruina Damasci.
Uniform Title: Vita Tamerlani
Subjects: Travels/Historiography/Individuals--Timur
3. Bertrando de Mignanelli (fl.1370-1416). "Ascensus Barcoch: A Latin Biography of the Mamlūk Sultan Barqūq of Egypt (d. 1399) Written by B. de Mignanelli. " Arabica 6, (1959): 57-74, 152-172.
Notes: English translation with an introduction and a commentary by Walter J. Fischel.
Uniform Title: Ascensus Barcoch
Subjects: Travels/Individuals--Barquq



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