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1. Poloner, John (fl. ca.1421). "Johannis Poloner descriptio Terrae Sanctae. " Edited by Titus Tobler (1806-1877). In Descriptiones Terrae Sanctae ex saeculo VIII. IX. XII. et XV.. 225-281, 497-522. Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, 1874.
Notes: Reprinted by Georg Olms Verlag at Hildesheim and New York in 1974.
Uniform Title: Descriptio Terrae Sanctae
Subjects: Travels
2. Poloner, John (fl. ca.1421). John Poloner's Description of the Holy Land. (circa 1421 A.D.). Translated by Aubrey Stewart. v, 52 pp.. London: Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society, 1894.
Series: The Library of the Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society, 6
Notes: Reprinted by AMS Press, New York, in 1971. Translated from Tobler's text.
Uniform Title: Descriptio Terrae Sanctae
Subjects: Travels



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