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1. Nahmanides (ca. 1195-ca. 1270). "Yehudi Yerushalayim, 1187-1267, ve-ḥeleḳo shel ha-Ramban be-shiḳum ḳehilatam. " Edited by Benjamin Z. Kedar. In Peraḳim be-toldot Yerushalayim bi-yeme ha-benayim. edited by Benjamin Z. Kedar. 122-136. Jerusalem: Yad Yitsḥaḳ ben-Tsvi, 1979.
Series: Sifriyah le-toldot ha-yishuv ha-Yehudi be-Erets Yisra'el,
Notes: Additional title: "The Jews of Jerusalem, 1187-1267, and the Role of Naḥmanides in the Re-Establishment of Their Community." English summary on pp. xiv-xv. Additional volume title: Jerusalem in the Middle Ages: Selected Papers. The letter is edited on pp. 134-136. It is dated 1267 and was written in Jerusalem.
Uniform Title: Igeret ha-Ramban le-beno
Subjects: Christianity and Judaism



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