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1. Eliah de Ferrare (fl. 1438). "L'amour de Sion. " Translated by Eliakim Carmoly (1802-1875). In Itinéraires de la Terre Sainte des XIIIe, XIVe, XVe, XVIe et XVIIe siècle. 321-360. Bruxelles: A. Vandale, librairie-éditeur, 1847.
Uniform Title: Ahavat Tziyon
Subjects: Travels
2. Eliah de Ferrare (fl. 1438). "Elijah of Ferrara (1434). " Translations edited by Elkan Nathan Adler (1861-1946). In Jewish Travellers. 151-155. London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1930.
Series: The Broadway Travellers,
Uniform Title: Ahavat Tziyon
Subjects: Travels
3. Eliah de Ferrare (fl. 1438). "Igrot r' Eliyahu me-Ferara me-Yerushalayim (1435). " Edited by Avraham Yaari. In Igrot Erets Yisra'el: she-katvu ha-Yehudim ha-yoshvim ba-arets le-aḥehem sheba-golah mi-yeme galut Bavel ve-ʿad shivat Tsiyon shebe-yamenu. 86-89. Ramat Gan: Masadah, 1971.
Notes: Additional volume title: Letters from the Land of Israel. Reprint of 1943 edition.
Uniform Title: Letter
Subjects: Travels



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