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1. Ibn Khallikān, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad (1211-1282). "Notice sur Abou Noama Katary, extraite des vies des hommes illustres d'Ebn Khilcan. " Edited by Wenceslaus Rzewusky. In Fundgruben des Orients. vol. 5: 81-84. Vienna: Anton Schmid, 1816.
Notes: Edited and translated by J. D. Destains. Other titles of monograph: Makhzan al-Kunūz al-Mashriqīyah wa-Maʿdan al-Rumūz al-Ajnabīyah; Mines de l'Orient.
Uniform Title: Wafayāt al-Aʿyān wa-Anbāʾ Abnāʾ al-Zamān
Subjects: Biographical Dictionaries/Individuals--Qatari b. al-Fuja'ah



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