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1. al-Zaylaʿī, Fakhr al-Dīn ʿUthmān ibn ʿAlī (d.1342 or 3). Tabyīn al-Ḥaqāʾiq Sharḥ Kanz al-Daqāʾiq. Edited by Aḥmad ʿIzzū ʿInāyah. 7 vols.. Beirut: Dār al-Kutub al-ʿIlmīyah, 2000.
Notes: Commentary on Kanz al-Daqāʾiq, by al-Nasafī, ʿAbd Allāh ibn Aḥmad (d.1310). On the margin, the additions of al-Shalabī, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad (d.1612) called Tajrīd al-Fawāʾid.
Uniform Title: Tabyīn al-Ḥaqāʾiq
Subjects: Fiqh



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