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1. al-Makīn, Jirjis ibn al-ʿAmīd, junior (14th century). al-Mawsūʿah al-Lāhūtīyah al-Shahīrah bil-Ḥāwī. 4 vols.. [Asyūṭ]: Dayr al-Sayyidah al-ʿAdhrāʾ al-Muḥraq, 1999.
Series: Min Makhṭūṭāt Dayr al-Muḥraq al-ʿĀmir,
Notes: Iʿdād rāhib min Dayr al-Muḥraq. Editor attributes work to al-Makīn, Jirjis ibn al-ʿAmīd (1205-1273).
Uniform Title: al-Ḥāwī
Subjects: Christianity and Judaism



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