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1. al-Awsī al-Anṣārī, ʿUmar ibn Ibrāhīm (fl.1399-1411). Tafrīj al-Kurūb fī Tadbīr al-Ḥurūb. Edited and translated by George T. Scanlon. 97, 130 pp.. Cairo: The American University at Cairo Press, 1961.
Notes: Additional title: A Muslim Manual of War, being Tafrīj al-Kurūb fī Tadbīr al-Ḥurūb. Review see Cahen; Madelung; Mahdi; Oman.
Uniform Title: Tafrīj al-Kurūb fī Tadbīr al-Ḥurūb
Subjects: Military Science



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