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1. Ibn ʿArabshāh, ʿAbd al-Wahhāb (d. 1496). A Literary and Gastronomical Conceit: Mufākharat al-Ruzz wa 'l-Ḥabb Rummān: The Boasting Debate between Rice and Pomegranate Seeds or al-Maḳāma al-Simāṭiyya (The Tablecloth Maḳāma). Edited and translated by Ibrahim Khalil Geries. 40, 153 pp.. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2002.
Series: Codices arabici antiqui, 7
Notes: Added title: Mufākharah Adabīyah Ghidhāʾīyah: Mufākharat al-Ruzz wa-al-Ḥabb Rummān aw al-Maqāmah al-Simāṭīyah: Dirāsah wa-Taḥqīq. Review see Hämeen-Anttila; van Gelder.
Uniform Title: Mufākharat al-Ruzz wa-al-Ḥabb Rummān
Subjects: Literature



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