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1. al-Maqrīzī, Aḥmad ibn ʿAlī (1364-1442). Ḍawʾ al-Sārī fī Maʿrifat Khabar Tamīm al-Dārī. 1. Edited, annotated translation, and introduction by Frenkel, Yehoshua. 450 p.. Leiden: Brill, 2014.
Notes: The volume also contains translations of: al-Jawāb al-Jalīl ʿan ḥukm balad al-Khalīl by Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī (d. 852/1448) and al-Faḍl al-ʿamīm fī iqṭāʿ Tamīm by al-Suyūṭī (911/1505)
Subjects: Individuals--Tamim al-Dari/Administrative Manuals/Documents/Economic and Social Texts



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